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Re: The Date

Postby Malkmaven11 on Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:07 pm

It's alright, just wanted to make sure that this was still being actively planned.
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Re: The Date

Postby AJ on Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:19 pm

It is being prepared, and there will be more news on this front soon.
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Re: The Date

Postby Barinthus on Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:04 pm

Alright! News on the when-the-hell-is-this-running front!

Since Aaron has a crazy finals week lasting until Dec 22nd and I have a pending 3 week overseas trip that will involve me prepping during December.. The Shadow Over Baker Street will be running shortly after my return from London on January 17th.

We really appreciate the general patience that has been shown since we've been piecing this game together for over a year or so now, so that it didn't turn into a crappy rushed affair(that stressed everybody out).

If you are a new comer/old comer to the group that hasn't heard of this game but is interested in playing in a Lovecraft meets Sherlock Holmes one shot game(or maybe two-shot, depending on the interest), please feel free to contact etheir Aaron, Emerson or myself and we'll see what we can do to pop you into this game.


(and yes, I plan on practically living at Baker Street while I'm in London so expect a world of enthusiasm when I get back!)
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