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Game Status

Postby Embermage on Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:01 am

Over the past few weeks we on staff have been aware of the coming new year and begun to discuss game. A few members on staff have expressed reservations about returning to game, not for the reasons we originally expressed about dealing with real life obstacles, but out of desire. Upon final polling of the staff, 2 members voted not to continue, 2 voted to continue and 1 wasn't particular. Given that game could not sustain a heavy loss to the staff, we have opted to terminate game. We apologize to the players for the let down of not resuming as we originally intended. We feel we achieved more of what we aimed to do when we set out and so can look back and be happy with what was done instead of being unhappy with what we didn't. We hope you enjoyed the 6 month arc that was run. We understand if anyone has lingering questions about game, their characters or would like wrap up for anything. Feel free to e-mail the ST account with any questions you may have about plot be they personal or meta. If you're looking for wrap-up scenes for your characters, you can contact the staff members individually. Thank you all for your participation and dedication to game.

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