A trip down memory lane

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A trip down memory lane

Postby Malkmaven11 on Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:20 am

Turns out that I was checking out some of the old IC posts from when I was playing Gotham Nights and Gotham Knights.
I can say that some of these posts were quite interesting so If figured that I'd share a couple in this thread from time to time.

The first one that I'm posting was From Derek Emerson, my Redcap from Gotham Knights.
Derek wrote this after he was called out for staying in NYC while most everyone else went down to New Orleans to help out after Katrina hit.

Warning - This post is NSFW as it contains rough language

You know what, i've just had it!

Most of you newbies just start waking up from everywhere and just
feel as if you are all that.

Well you know what, FUCK YOU!!!

You don't know the half of it, you haven't been through what I've
been through.

I've seen a lot in just a bit under two years since people started
remembering what they were before 9/11

I've seen a lot of people who only started to come back die, i've
even had to deal with the fact that my mom will never be the same,
every day I can see in her eyes that her good old days are fading
from her mind and it just hurts me so bad.

Now while most of you were down helping the hurricane victims on the
dreaming side I was helping out down at rock center with building
houses for people that lost thiers in that storm.
While you were out of the city I was keeping watch on the subject of
those things in the subways and the fact that they had seemed to
leave the one place that they allways seemed to be at in Penn

You want to know why I stayed behind?

Cause someone had to stay behind to make sure nothing bad happened
in the city while most of the fighters were away.

I've taken out my share of things in the time i've been back and
every time they have been getting stronger.

I've learned to pick my fights, to channel my hunger.

I gave up a chance to play in the NHL so that I could stay here and
help in any way I can.

If anyone wants to disrespect me, grow some balls and SAY IT TO MY
FACE!!! that way I've got a reason to knock you the FUCK OUT!!!

Oh yeah, concidering that everyone I called about the whole thing
with Max's freehold decided to let thier voicemail take a message
for ya makes me wonder, exactly what did everyone think was more
important than helping save a freehold?

And here's something else you should know about that night.

Max was close to punching out a cop at the scene right after we got
there, if I hadn't stopped him from punching out that cop he would
have been arrested and that punk that damaged the freehold would
have most likely had drained it dry.

I tried to rally everyone there but no one decided to come.

You don't want to listen to what I have to say then fuck you all
with a knocker built, glamour powered, sharp-spiked dildo!

Anyway i've got to go and build up the championship dreams of my
roller derby badass gals.

Keep in touch buttmunches


PS: You get in my face again Bill and you'll get to see up close as
to what my sword can do.

If I see something else of mine, I'll post it here
Justin R.

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That is why clocks are round."

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Re: A trip down memory lane

Postby Malkmaven11 on Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:17 am

And now I give you one of the e-mails I got while playing Drew Giles.
Back then anytime I got an e-mail with the heading "Drew Giles has a dream..." it meant that I was in for quite a read and that I was gonna have a long talk with Neil at DT.

You awake as from a haze. You are engulfed in darkness and are unable to
move. What little air is around you is full of the smell of damp, loose
dirt. In a panic, you struggle to free yourself, clawing at the dirt above
you, causing heavy clouds of it to cascade down around you. Your training
and your studies are cast aside as your sole purpose becomes to free
yourself from this tomb.

Reason abandons you and instinct takes over. Though you know The Beast has
overtaken your actions, you feel as if you're watching the scene from
elsewhere, as if it's happening to someone else, even though you're viewing
it first-hand. After a time that feels just short of eternity, your hand
cracks the surface and you pull yourself up out of the earth and into the
night air above.

You can hear drumming and chanting not far away; you can't quite make out
what is being said. As your eyes focus, you see a circle of bonfires,
burning around a small field of freshly-tilled earth. Around you are others,
covered with dirt as you are. You turn to watch as yet another pair of hands
burst from the ground, a woman following them to the surface, her eyes both
frightened and placid at once.

From between two fires, a cloaked figure approaches. He looks over each
person who has risen from their shallow graves, nodding or giving puzzled
looks to each of them. Some regard him with respect or fear, others with
utter confusion. Finally, he turns to you. You can see he's wearing a blood
red mockery of a Monk's habit, complete with a crucifix hung upside-down
from a rosary made of skeletal human fingers.

"It seems you've returned to us, Mr. Wizard. Good. The first test is
complete, but unlike these others, you have far more to endure. Are you
still willing?" Weak and disoriented, you can only manage to nod.

"Good," he smiles broadly. His mouth, fangs extended, is all you can clearly
see beneath his hood. He reaches from behind him and reveals a wooden stake,
thrusting it into your chest.

You awaken again, this time chained to a chair. Several people surround you,
but bright lights come from behind, making them seem to be shadows. Each of
them questions your allegiance and watches your answers carefully. No
matter what your response, you are punished somehow. One lashes at you with
a sharp whip, another sears your cheek with a white-hot branding iron, and a
third unloads a shotgun point-blank into your chest. By the end of the
ordeal, you are barely conscious. You can feel the thirst like never before
but you know your life depends on you keeping control.

"I think he is ready," says one voice. You think it's the same man in the
red robes.

"Now, I will ask you this question one final time" says another voice in the
room, "and if we don't like your answer, we'll feast on your soul. Do you
understand?" You nod weakly.

"Excellent. Now tell me, Mr. Wizard. To whom do you swear allegiance?" He
leans in close and you can see the light reflecting in his eyes, giving them
a yellow tinge. You gather what little strength you lave left to answer.

"To . the Sabbat!" you cry. The man before you gazes at you for a long,
tense moment, then finally smiles.

"Good. Now, to seal your fate, you must drink."

He brings forth a chalice. You can smell it just before you see it, and you
know it's filled with blood. The craving rises in your body and you feel
yourself nearly losing control. He brings the cup to your lips and tilts
it; you drink deeply from its contents.

"Drink, Brother. Now, you are one of us."

You can feel the vitae in the chalice react with the blood in your system.
You feel as if a part of your essence is boiling away, forcing its way up
and to the surface. You feel it in your veins and in your mind, an
expanding bubble pushing through you, looking for an exit. It finds your
forehead, and you suddenly feel an unbearable burning pain there, worse even
than the hot branding iron. You suddenly wonder what it was you've given up
for freedom .

You wake up, gasping for breath.

Trippy huh?
Justin R.

"Time is not a line, It is a circle.
That is why clocks are round."

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Re: A trip down memory lane

Postby Malkmaven11 on Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:49 am

Here's a link to an old LJ that I used for a little while to write down some brief things for some of my old characters.


The posts in this LJ are about 5 years old and I'm thinking about adding some things in the future.
Justin R.

"Time is not a line, It is a circle.
That is why clocks are round."

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